Students of the Fashion Engineering Education and Fashion Engineering Study Program , Faculty of Engineering Yogyakarta State University 2017, successfully held a Fashion Show titled MON - LUMMEO (01/16/2020) at the Auditorium of Yogyakarta State University. Mon is derived from French which means belongs to while Lummeo is an acronym from the words Lumini and Cameo which means carved gem light. The spirit is interpreted by students through the presentation of beautiful clothing.

Yuniastuti, as the Head of Committee explained that this fashion show was the result of Fashion Show Management and Adi Clothing course collaboration. "In this show management, students have multiple roles, as a committee in managerial, fashion designers, as well as models in modeling," he said.

In total there are 109 outfits of student work that is displayed on the catwalk by the students themselves. Besides that, there was also a man's wear and kids wear  as the results of model audition with student choreographers taking courses in fashion show management.

Afif Ghurub Bestari, M.Pd., as the Lecturer in Management of Fashion Show Management said that this show was a unification of expertise in fashion making, organizing fashion shows, as well as their demonstration. "Of course it takes knowledge, learning, expertise and serious accuracy to realize it all," he said.

"With the creation of competencies in various fields of expertise, ranging from designing and making fashion, making and managing the way, to promotion, publication and making choreography, it is expected to become a provision for students to become professionals in the field of fashion," added Afif Ghurub.

"This demonstration is also to train high imaginative power so that students never stop to always innovate in presenting new things," he said.

This fashion show is also held with a competition system that is divided into several categories, such as the best clothing and the best display. The univeristy hopes that this performance can provide valuable experience to students and the concepts and ideas that are displayed can be truly beneficial for the development of the fashion field.